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5 Habits to inculcate in your life to be a better version of Yourself.

A Habit is a routine of behaviour that is repeated regularly and tend to occur subconsciously.


We first make our habits, and then our habits make us

- John Dryden.


2020 has changed our lives and our habits.

Lockdown has affected the lives of many people (Both good way and bad way).

Few were happy that they got time to spend with their family and few had to stay in isolation,

few even struggled to make their living.

Few people did not bother anything about the outside world and just worried about "what to cook for the next meal"? (I was one among them).

I always wanted to do something for myself, for my kids(to look at me as an inspiration)but had not found out what to do.

One day as I was scrolling through my phone I saw that my inspiration Saloni Shrivastava has launched a course [HUSTLEPOST ACADEMY].

Here, she teaches people how to escape their 9-5 job and make their side hustle as a full-time career.

I hopped on to the course the very next day.

I felt like the whole new world was waiting for me, rather I got to see the whole new world.

I realized that there is so much to learn for Saloni and not just her the community too.

Apart from the course syllabus, I learned the good habits to inculcate in my life that has helped me grow.

Practising the right habits will bring you one step closer to success.

Self-help, To Believe in yourself,


Time Management,




Collaboration over the competition,

Not running behind perfectionism (Perfection is a myth),

Importance of Reading,


Set daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals, and the list goes on.

Out of the many, I started following 5 habits after I joined the course and has helped me

become a better person.

My perspective of looking at things, situation, people have changed and it has definitely changed for good.

1. Self Help-

I always looked upon others for help rather than taking any step myself.

If you can't take any step for yourself, why will others do?

Simple right?

Everyone has their own share of dreams, responsibilities, commitments and it is totally wrong to expect someone to be there as your savior.

Of course, sharing will always help you but will not solve it for you.

Only you know yourself and the situation better.

Believe in yourself.

So, next time when you struggle with something, take a deep breath first.

And start writing down all your thoughts, ideas, anger, fear whatever it may be.

Then read it and try to analyze.

You will definitely find a way out to help yourself.

2. Time Management-

We have been taught the importance of time since we were children.

But we were not taught how we can utilize time effectively.

Each one of us has the same answer for an incomplete task/work, "No time".

But we forget the fact that everyone has 24hrs a day time.

The reason why only a few people succeed is that they learn to set their priorities and work on it.

Time management is really tough and things never go as we plan.

But, don't give up.

Try to stick to a routine.

Set up goals for yourself.

Make a to-do list and follow it.

This will give you a clear picture of what work has to be done and how much time it will take.

This will make you a more efficient person.

3. Minimalism-

I first came across this concept in one of Saloni's video.

Now, when I get a chance to know more about Saloni through her course, I fallen in love with minimalism.

I was never a spendthrift but minimalism is not just about spending less.

It's about spending wisely only on the things we actually need.

We always tend to buy or keep things with us just because we like it or mostly to impress others.

I feel some sort of baggage is taken down from me, I feel a lighter, happier, and contented person after adopting minimalism.

4. Positive attitude-

Having the right kind of mindset is highly important.

Only with a positive mindset, we can achieve something in life.

But how do you develop a positive attitude?

You can develop a positive attitude by having like-minded people around you.

Avoid/ignore the negative people.

Try to channelize your energy on the things which add value to your life.

Meditate, exercise, have healthy food,consume good content(via books,blogs,videos,quotes).

Train your brain to find a positive outlook for every situation.

Over time you will achieve it.

5. Journaling-

Journaling is basically an act of writing.

Be it writing your thoughts, feelings, future plans, daily routine or any special moments or occasions.

Journaling will help you become a more organized person.

It reduces overthinking and stress and helps you to become mindful.

I'm sure everyone experience this(you feel everything is so good and feel blessed to have all those with you and on somedays the same things which you were happy and proud of starts bothering you).

In such situations, journaling comes to rescue.

Just go through your own journal and you will find answers.

This will be your most trusted best friend for life.

You can write anything to everything and nobody will judge you.


I really can't express how grateful I'm to be a part

of this(Hustlepost Academy) course and community.

It helped me grow both personally and professionally.

I started off as a blogger only because of Hustlepost Academy.

This is my first win towards my professional journey.

There is more to come though.

If you're someone who wants to achieve something in life, then try adopting these habits in your daily life.

They have really changed my life for good.

You can see in my writing how much I'm fond of HPA, and that's only because of the impact it has on me and I can see a considerable improvement in myself.

I see myself one step closer to success.

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