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What is SEO Copywriting And Why is it so important?

SEO copywriting, as the name suggests is a combination of SEO and copywriting strategies. Search Engine Optimisation is writing search engine-friendly content so that it ranks on the top of the Google search engine result page and drives more traffic to the page. Copywriting is persuasive writing for marketing. Its sole purpose is to persuade the audience to click on the call to action button.

SEO copywriting

If your content focuses only on satisfying Google Optimisation criteria it will be very robotic. If you're content caters to audience interest alone there are few chances of your content getting ranked on google.

Copywriting is not just about optimizing keywords and phrases to rank higher on Google it's about creating content to attract readers getting them to read a page and pursuing them to take an action. It emphasizes making your content relevant engaging and compelling.

Key elements of quality SEO COPYWRITING


The title plays an important role in deciding the click-through rate. A good headline should be Crisp, captivating, and have keywords infused in it.

It is best to keep the title within 72 characters for complete visibility while displaying the search results to show that it will result in a better click-through rate.

Meta Description

A meta description is a snippet shown below your search result which provides a summary of your entire content. The description of your content is as important as the title tag in deciding the click-through rate.

Make sure the meta description provides a concise and appealing summary of the content which Persuades the audience to click on the link.


To be successful at SEO you need to make sure that the content on your website is optimized for the keywords that are most relevant to the business you are trying to promote.

Keyword research is finding the relevant keywords people are searching for in a particular topic. Identifying and matching the user intent with the relevant keywords is very crucial for SEO-optimized content.

Whenever a person searches for something on Google they have some intention behind it. There are three broad categories of intent searches.

Keywords Research

Informational intent- The intent is to find information on the search topics

Navigational intent- The intent is to visit a specific website or a page

Commercial intent- The intent is either directly making a purchase or researching the product before making a purchase sometime soon

You have to research the kind of intent your content is targeting and figure out the relevant keywords on which the content needs to be built.

Statistics revealed that 0.16 % of the most popular keywords are responsible for 60.67% of all the searchers. Include relevant keywords strategically within the content but make sure to not stuff content with keywords, that seem too obvious.

Paying attention to keyword frequency and keyword density will bring your content a Step Closer to ranking on Google. Try to use the primary keyword within the first one to hundred words in the introduction. repeating the keyword in the introduction will not only help in the SEO part but also emphasizes to the audience the relevance of the content.

The same content can run for different keywords. so make sure that your content targets several related keywords so that it caters to a wider audience and has a better chance of ranking.


Great content is above everything else. Focus on writing good quality content that caters to the needs of the audience.

Your content should be authentic, accurate, and relevant to the topic you're writing on. whenever attaching statistics and references make sure to give credit to the source.

The presentation of your content should be appealing to the readers. Every paragraph within 3 to 4 sentences. structured content catering to the questions of readers will drive more traffic to the site than the page unnecessarily stuffed with keywords.

To catch the attention of the audience and retain them for a longer time your content should answer their burning questions. so your content should be smarter by staying relevant to related searches on that topic as well. to increase your chances of ranking in Google results for focus and covering people also ask section and related searches section on the Google search engine result page.

Studies reveal that 48% of consumers are using voice search for general web searches most of the voice searches were formed are framed as questions. So ensure that your content is an answer to one of the questions that the audience might ask on the particular topic.

Updating content of the page that performs well at some point has proven to bring good results to the page.


Research shows that 90% of the data the brain transmit is visual this makes adding relevant images and optimizing them crucial to increase retention rates. Infographics, gifts, and visually appealing media help to keep up the internet interest of the audience. Adding Alt text in your image will help The user know the content of the image even if the image is unavailable due to some reason.

Search Engine Optimization


Backlinking is one of the most effective ways of SEO copywriting. Backlinking is a hyperlink of one website which is the user to another website.

If people are talking about particular content on a specified topic Google believes it is a reliable and trustworthy source for that topic when the web page will be ranked full stop backlinking of your site should be from a good quality website in the same niche. backlinking increases Domain Authority powered by Pivotal measure of authorities of the website.


The URL structure of your webpage has a significant correlation with Google rankings. short and keyword-rich URL has proven to drive more traffic to the page as it helps both the search engines and the users to determine the topic your page will cover.

When implemented correctly and incorporated is the proven way to drive traffic and sales to the page it can be achieved by following the defined process rules and actors and can be improved with practice.

What's your take on SEO copywriting?

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